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Success Rates

We are motivated by success, and you are part of the team

We understand that there is no standard approach to fertility treatment. Each of our patients is on their own unique journey and our vast expertise allows us to create bespoke packages to support this.

Our patients come to us with such varied stories so our approach has never been one-size-fits-all. We pride ourselves on offering initial consultations to a wider number of people than most other clinics. We do not select patients but choose instead to provide an honest opinion on the chance of success. This allows those wishing to pursue treatment the opportunity to do so in a fully informed way.

We understand that meaningful comparisons of success rates between clinics can be confusing as individual clinics may have specific selection criteria for accepting patients. These can exclude those couples with a poorer prognosis or favouring IVF treatment for those who may have a high chance of success even with less invasive treatments. Our overall clinical pregnancy rates for IVF at Fertility Exeter remain consistently within the national average with a third of couples achieving such success over the past 5 years.

It is important to remember that overall success rates do not, on their own, indicate what an individual couple’s chances of success will be. Factors such as age, diagnosis and duration of sub fertility can all influence success rates.  More specific information for couples detailing Fertility Exeter’s most recent 12 month data can be found here.